Why have we started Sydney Breast Cancer Bootcamp?

What we have seen as both health and fitness professionals are the physical the effects of breast cancer treatment. As a medical oncologist and founding member of Sydney Breast Cancer Bootcamp, Dr Lina Pugliano is constantly asked ‘how can I overcome these side effects?’ and ‘how can I improve my chances of recurrence?’ She always strongly advocates and supports her patients participating in physical exercise as a way of tackling these concerns.

While currently, there is a demand from patients for knowledge and participation in exercise programs there is a void in the health industry. At Sydney Breast Cancer Bootcamp we can provide a high quality program and service to fulfill patient needs that is available to everyone. This is our purpose.

What are some of the common problems experienced by breast cancer survivors?

  1. Loss in conditioning and stamina
  2. Fatigue
  3. Weight gain
  4. Muscle loss
  5. Bone density loss
  6. Loss of flexibility in the upper body on the side of the surgery
  7. Lymphedema on the side of the surgery
  8. Stiffness in the joints
  9. Swelling of lower extremities
  10. Altered mood

These problems greatly affect breast cancer survivor’s quality of life and for many they feel that these problems are things that they have to just live with. Many of these issues require health professionals or pharmaceutical interventions as is the case with lymphedema and bone density. However, we truly believe and have scientific evidence to confirm that exercise, as part of a comprehensive medical plan, can make a significant impact on many of the problems breast cancer survivors face.

Why is Sydney Breast Cancer Bootcamp unique?

Our team is unique. We have a medical oncologist who specializes in breast cancer, overseeing the training program in order to specifically tackle concerns that breast cancer survivors have. Our trainers are experienced at female training and at safely progressing breast cancer patients.

Why is Sydney Breast Cancer Bootcamp needed?

The issue that many breast cancer patients face is where to go to get help. Women who were fit before breast cancer treatment find that they can’t just step back into their previous environment because they need a progression to get back to their previous level; women who were not physically fit prior to treatment don’t know how to start and are often intimidated by going to a gym; other women who have the means to pay for expert help are faced with a fitness industry that doesn’t know what to do with a breast cancer survivor and many women may not be able to afford to seek out that professional help.Our team is passionate about physical fitness. It is a part of our everyday lives. Our goal at Sydney Breast Cancer Bootcamp, is to help all women achieve a better quality of life through physical exercise. 

Can I exercise during chemotherapy?

Many people undergoing breast cancer treatment with chemotherapy experience a decline in physical fitness and function as well as fatigue. For many this means that they reduce or even stop their exercise routine. In fact, many studies now confirm that exercise with both cardiovascular and strength training improve chemotherapy fatigue. Additional evidence supports better tumour response in laboratory animals that undergo structured exercise. Lastly, the fitter you are before and during chemotherapy, the better you tolerate the side effects of treatment and the faster your recovery.

I have exercise restrictions. Can I still attend Sydney Breast Cancer Bootcamp?

We know that many people who have undergone breast cancer treatments have restrictions on their physical activity. We ask that you bring a letter from your doctor that outlines your limitations. We also ask you about your breast cancer treatment and its complications in order to tailor your training. This information is private and confidential. Our aim is to work with your healthcare team to achieve your results.

Our team includes a trained medical oncologist who understands the physical barriers and limitations of breast cancer treatment and is present to supervise the training. Additionally our trainers are experienced with breast cancer survivors. We use a safe progression program for all our bootcampers and semi-private groups and our maximum ratio of bootcampers to trainers is 1:10, which is unlike any other bootcamp. We do this so we can keep an extra eye on you.

If you are curious or concerned please feel free to drop us a line at info@sydneybreastcancerbootcamp.com.au. We would be happy to address yours or your doctor’s questions.

Does Sydney Breast Cancer Bootcamp have age or fitness restrictions?

At Sydney Breast Cancer Bootcamp, we recognize that breast cancer has no physical or age boundaries and therefore we welcome anyone into our Saturday bootcamp. We do ensure that your medical team is onboard with the training by asking you to bring a letter from your doctor stating that it is safe for you to exercise and your restrictions. We also tailor the activities in the bootcamp or semi-private training to the individual’s capabilities. Our trainers know how to push you just enough to get the results you desire.

I can’t attend Sydney Breast Cancer Bootcamp. How can I participate?

Even if you live outside of Sydney or find our bootcamp hard to get to, we post regular information on our website, facebook, twitter, Google+ and Pinterest about:

  • The scientific evidence for exercise and body composition in breast cancer
  • Exercise information
  • Nutritional and supplement tips for breast cancer survivors

The content is free and reliable, and comes from our team of experts which include a breast cancer medical oncologist and trained strength & conditioning coaches