Fermiscan Cancer Boot Camp is designed to address the complications of breast cancer treatment in a fun, beautiful and safe environment. It was founded by Sydney breast cancer oncologist, Dr Lina Pugliano, and her husband and strength and conditioning coach, Robin Wen. We focus on strength gains and conditioning, the two biggest loses during breast cancer treatment. We believe in building a community. Exercising and training is about improving yourself but it should also be fun and not intimidating. We host regular fun group activities throughout the year so we can get to know our bootcampers on a different level.

We want Fermiscan Cancer Boot Camp and exercise to be accessible to as many breast cancer survivors as possible. If you know someone who has gone through breast cancer please let him or her know about us.



Breast cancer treatment affects survivors in many ways. Scientific evidence confirms that physical activity, as part of a comprehensive medical plan, can make a significant impact on many of the problems breast cancer survivors face. We aim to provide the opportunity to breast cancer survivors to exercise and be part of a supportive training group to help overcome treatment related complications.

The trainers at Breast Cancer Boot camp are not only experienced at female training, getting body transformations, losing fat and building muscle, the team has worked with breast cancer patients and many patients with other chronic diseases. They know how to progress people safely and most importantly, with care and consideration. We meet in Bradfield Park, Milsons Point at 8am every Saturday morning.